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Update 14.02.21

Here is an update on everything AINF have been up to this week:

1. 18 dogs travelled to Germany on the morning on Friday 12th. With so many dogs to move from kennels to the La Linea shelter (from where the transport leaves), we were incredibly grateful for the help of the 4x4 Club. I really don't know what we would have done without you.

2. Freddy has moved in to a foster home and he is doing so well.

3. Fundraiser and work continues to save more dogs from the kill station. Sadly, it is moving so slowly that we don't think we will make the target and we won't be able to help any more dogs after this group.

4. Buba came into our care

5. Samu, who went into foster last week, is doing so well

6. Leo, who went into foster care two weeks ago, is being adopted by his foster family

7. Arrow (previously Aron), who was in a trial home, is being adopted

8. We finally got to meet some of the new dogs who have arrived since the start of the year - Altan, Ra, Adi, Xena, Harlequin, Celeste and Kata:

9. So many dogs needed vet visits this week:

  • Poor little Cocoa had so many teeth removed

  • Maika - got meds

  • One of the pups under our care died of parvo, a second one is fighting for her life

    • Nella's PCR came back negative - she has low level leish. We are in the process of finding her a foster home and will work to find her a local forever home

    • Bruno, the sharpei we took in last week, has been castrated and is now ready to travel

10. Blood tests were done for 8 dogs in the training school

11. Becks still missing. We are devastated but continue to work with his owner in Finland to try and track him down. See his post here. 12. Damisela was taken from the shelter to paíd kennels as she was so stressed and distressed in the shelter

13. Casper gave us a scare with a big swelling in chin. He was taken to the vet were it was diagnosed as a block and swollen salivary gland and treatment was received so he could travel. See his update here.

14. Nyah went for a check up as skin problems are getting worse. Thanks to her very vigilant and doting foster mums, she is safe in caring hands. With her leish meds, she now has low level leish.

15. Cultura, one of the dogs we found a foster home during the Los Barrios flood evacuation at the start of the year, is going for a trial for adoption

16. Scooby was rescued and brought under our care. He is skeletal but he is now in a wonderful foster home where he will regain his strength before he finds his forever home. The clip shows him before he was rescued and the photo shows him warm and cosy in a foster home.

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