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How to adopt

Before we process any adoptions, it is necessary to fill in our adoption questionnaire. Please send us an email with the following information so that we can send you the right questionnaire.

To email us click here with the following information:


Mobile number:


Once we receive your answers, we will contact you to open an adoption chat on Whatsapp. We will not arrange meetings with any of the dogs without the questionnaire completed.

How to adopt: Text


A donation of £ 270, puppies included, is required to cover veterinary expenses. 

The adoption fee covers the following

- Passport

- Blood tests

- Vaccines

- Microchip

- Dewormed

- MANDATORY Neutering / Spaying (puppies will return to the kennel when they are the appropriate age to undergo the process)

- Nail and teeth cleaning

If you are adopting from Finland or Sweden, the fee will increase to accommodate the travel costs.

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