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A big thank you to these businesses who provide invaluable financial support to our cause.

Available in Gibraltar, Finland and Sweden.



“ has offered to provide not only financial help but help with our social media presence and to provide us with support in any way possible throughout the next twelve months. “AINF understands the importance of corporate partnerships and understands it is a part of the community. It can only continue its work whilst working hand in hand with the businesses and individuals throughout Gibraltar, and looks forward to a fruitful partnership with the exciting locally based business that is” Nigel Crome of said, “ takes our obligation to protect those animals that have no voice very seriously and we have staff members whose families work very closely with animal charities across Europe. “We are very happy to offer what help we can, practical or financial to help AINF as their corporate partner. We are very conscious of the stray dog and abandonment problem in Gibraltar and surrounding areas and we are particularly happy to support AINF’s international efforts to rehome those stray dogs not only to homes in Gibraltar but also to Germany, Finland, Holland and Sweden. This trans-European effort is brilliant to see, people cooperating across national boundaries. “As a finance and technology company we are very glad to hear from AINF that the recent advances in messaging services such as Whatsapp make their international efforts possible and substantially easier. The ability to communicate across continents for virtually no cost brings people together and it is heart warming to see such technology deployed to protect those animals that cannot stand up for themselves. Instant communication lies at the core of modern technology and alongside AI, is used in’s core platform which allows the Group to deliver world class products every time. Ms Cottrell said, “We were so happy to be approached by, knowing it is a locally established business working in the same community we are and contributing to Gibraltar’s success from animals to employment and technology. “We would love to develop corporate partnerships with other brands in Gibraltar and look forward to working with for the next 12 months.”

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