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Update 11.4.21

It was a great week for a number of dogs:

1. Adi, Estelle and Freddy all travelled to their forever homes

2. Fado, who was taken into foster during the Los Barrios pound evacuation is being adopted by his foster family

3. Celeste so happy in her forever home

4. Four lucky dogs travelled to Germany, including India and Spot

5. Tequila is now in a happy foster home

6. 7 new dogs have been taken into kennels when they were going to get put to sleep - Jax, Blanquita, Aron , Bella, Savannah, Bobby (Elia) & Jake

7. Kata has been adopted by her foster family. She was rescued from a kill station.

8. Athena was abandoned but had been moved to training kennels and is available for adoption

9. This gorgeous Mastin pup was found in a ditch. We found a loving foster home for him and he will travel to Germany when he is ready so he can live a wonderful life

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