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Swim Fundraising event

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all that took part in some way at our sponsored swim event!! The day was a huge success and we managed to raise some much needed monies for our doggies! Many kilometres of solidarity were swam for their love (exact number of kilometres will be calculated soon ) There are so many people to thank but a special mention to the GSLA and the lovely lifeguards on duty, Matthew Reoch & Gareth Gonzalez for making this possible , Alex Enriles and the RGP Charity committee, each & every participant and every person who has kindly contributed and sponsored and of cause the Animals in Need Foundation team

We had very early morning swimmers (even before the event started!) experienced swimmers, the not so experienced ones, the floaters , the mystery swimmers, the ones who collected the monies but could not come , and the supporters who came in for a chat or to donate.

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