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AINF Swimathon 2022

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all that took part in some way at our 2nd annual sponsored swim event yesterday!!

The day was a huge success and we managed to raise some much needed funds for our doggies!

It was such a fun event and we are proud to say that 35.225 kilometres of solidarity were swam for their love .

There are so many people to thank but a special mention to the GSLA, the staff at GASA and the helpful and friendly lifeguards on duty.


to each & every participant and to every person who has kindly contributed and sponsored and a special mention to 11 year old Charlie Balloqui who raised the most funds a whopping £600 on his own thank you for being so kind.

We had experienced swimmers, the not so experienced ones, the floaters, the mystery swimmers, the ones who collected the monies but could not come, and the supporters who came in for a chat or to donate

Check out our GBC news article below:

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