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Halloween Bake Sale event

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to make our Halloween stall so successful! Thank you to all the cake bakers, who made sure we had cupcakes, cake pops, big cakes, vegan cakes and more! A big thank you to all Volunteers who who helped before and on the day, all who donated in any way and to Janice Sampere, Miss Gibraltar 2021, for picking the raffle winners!

As a small group of Volunteers, we have recently been overwhelmed by the volume of Gibraltar dogs that we have been asked to rehome and/ or rehabilitate. There are so many dogs suffering in Gibraltar. The monies raised will provide us with much needed funding. AINF relies solely on donations to be able to save and change the lives of these dogs and is very grateful to the public for their continued support and generosity throughout all these years.

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