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Moruno - found!

Moruno was on his way to kennels, rescued from being put to sleep, when he got spooked and ran off just as they were arriving. The area was a vast countryside and was totally unknown to him. He must have been so afraid.

Volunteers got together and spent five long days searching the area. On the fourth night, a trap was set to try and catch him and finally bring him to safety. It was a long shot given the size of the area and Moruno's unfamiliarity with it.

Day five of looking for Moruno and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw him in the trap cage early this morning! He’d eaten all the food and drunk the water left in the cage. He was scared but friendly and wanted to be rescued. He’s lost his lead and harness. He was immediately friendly to our dogs and wanted to be picked up.

To our great joy we walked down the mountain with Moruno and the trap cage in tow!

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