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7.3.21 - Los Barrios Flooding

What a day we had yesterday! We got an early morning call for help to save dogs from dying in Los Barrios shelter which was flooding from the rain. Many of our team of volunteers jumped out of bed and rushed over to form part of the rescue operation! While we were on the go we quickly set up a fundraiser as Natalia Muñoz Umbria from SOS PPP Los Barrios - Perros Potencialmente Perfectos asked us to find private kennels for as many dogs as we could.

We hoped to raise approx £2k which would pay for kennel fees for a few dogs for a week but once we arrived and saw the extent of the damage, we knew we would be taking on more than a few dogs as intended.

By the time we returned home, exhausted, wet and cold, but happy at everything we’d achieved, imagine how mind blown we were to see that our fundraiser had reached over £12k (now over £18k) ! I think we all cried when we saw that, so overwhelmed were we by the amazing generosity of every single person who donated. Never in a million years had we expected it to reach those levels!

We continue working with @Natalia Munoz Umbria and Ruben Orozco from SOS PPP Los Barrios to decide the best way to use the funds raised, as well as pay for the kennels and vet fees for the dogs now under our care. The decisions will be theirs and we will support their work for their dogs as we have done in the past 5 years.

We will post regular updates to keep you all informed of how your donations are being used. (

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