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[S5E8] New Kid On The Chopping Block ((TOP))

Via the twist, Bruno and Jennifer find themselves in jeopardy when it is revealed that Shooby must choose which of his followers to block. After weighing his choices, Shooby chooses to block Bruno aka Billie-Jean.

[S5E8] New Kid on the Chopping Block

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After a vote in episode 8, Chaz and Tom emerge as Influencers and must choose who to block. After carefully weighing their odds, the pair decide to block newcomer Sasha aka Shooby leading to his elimination from the game.

The scene cuts to the two of them urinating on the ground outside an abandoned building, facing away from each other as they discuss how much longer they have until they reach Baltimore. As they finish, Clarissa notes with relief that the blockers have finally worn out, and enjoys a protein bar as she can now smell and taste again. She notices a large tarpaulin on the floor outside the building, and pulls it off, only to find a group of corpses of elderly people in body bags. She is saddened, and asks Amos whether this will be how things are from now on to which he replies it will be for a while. She then asks what they will do once they reach Baltimore, but he isn't sure. They agree that they need to leave, and Clarissa mentions the ship she saw earlier, adding that she knows a place where they can get a ship, but it will be hard to get there by themselves. Amos responds that they will need to find some help.[2]

Karal enters the Tynan's command deck, where Drummer is overseeing the salvage process. She orders that, as soon as they are finished, they will go to Ceres, as Marco suspects the Inner Planets will be repositioning their ships to block trade routes, and they have orders to attack any Inner ship they encounter. Drummer glares at Oksana, but relents. Just then, Josep picks up Naomi's fake distress call and, after listening to it, Drummer immediately orders that she will go there to pick her up. Karal tells Drummer that she can't help Naomi and that she is not on that ship, but Drummer doesn't listen, so Karal reveals that Naomi went looking for Filip, that she was on the Pella when Drummer came aboard, and she mocks Naomi for abandoning her family again by walking out of an airlock. Drummer refuses to believe her, but Karal gloats that she doesn't care, as all that matters is that Naomi was a traitor to the Belt, and that she is now dead. Drummer is enraged and reaches for her gun, but Oksana intervenes and begs her to stop. After a tense moment, Drummer storms away from the command deck.

Sam acknowledges their deception and tries to come clean to Jesse, and Julia telekinetically seizes his throat to silence him. Jesse blocks her hold on Sam simply by saying "stop it," and that he wants to hear what Sam has to say. They are all shocked at his show of power. Sam continues with full disclosure, but the demon interrupts him again. This time Jesse telekinetically confines her to a chair and renders her unable to speak. Sam explains to Jesse that there is a war waging between angels and demons, and that he is a part of it. Jesse wants to know if what she said is true about him being half demon. Sam says, "Yes, but you're half human too." He tries to convince Jesse that he can do the right thing by choosing between the demons and angels. After that, Jesse exorcises the demon from his mother by simply saying to it "Get out of her." Sam and Dean are surprised by his power. Dean then suggests Jesse bring Cass back. 041b061a72


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