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Animals In Need Foundation is a Gibraltar based charity that works together with the Prodean Shelter in La Linea, Spain. Together and with the help of all our wonderful sponsors and donations, we are helping to improve the lives of so many abandoned and unwanted animals.


Help save lives by donating €1 a month

If enough people sign up, it could make a huge difference and really affect how many animals we can help. Our biggest limitation is money and €1 a month will be such an insignificant amount to you but will mean everything to us.

It only takes 30 seconds!



Sadly there are thousands of dogs looking for a home, so no matter what breed, size or character you're looking for in a dog, chances are we have one!


As much as we all love these wonderful furbabies, sometimes we aren't in a position to commit to adoption. Fostering a dog is a wonderful alternative and you could turn a dogs life around.


There are many ways for you to help if you would like to give some of your time to helping these lovely dogs. We are a growing team but we need all the extra help we can get, there is so much to do.

Donating Money
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Sponsor a Dog

Sponsoring a dog can make such a massive difference to a homeless dog's quality of life, improves their general well being, and increases their chances of adoption too.

Make a donation

By making a simple donation, you will be directly contributing to saving more animals from despair.

Corporate Sponsorships

The Animals In Need Foundation has corporate sponsors who help the charity improve the lives of these homeless dogs, and ultimately happily rehome as many as possible, while also improving the quality of life for those still waiting.


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Weʼre raising £600 to pay for Choco's stay in kennels and the vet treatments he needs after spending his whole life locked away.

Sweet and gentle Choco was rescued from being put to sleep but he has arrived in a poorly state. He is missing fur around his eyes, his hips are extremely narrow and his nails are completely overgrown due to never being exercised before. He needs to spend some time in training kennels where he can learn to trust people. In his old life, his people cut his ears off, so he needs to learn that he will now be safe forever. Please donate to Choco's cause, so he can be a healthy and happy boy and finally get the life he deserves.

Over 3,000 adoptions so far!

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