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Dharti Putra Full Mp4 Movie

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Dharti Putra Full Mp4 Movie

How to Watch Dharti Putra Full Movie Online in HD Quality

Dharti Putra is a 1993 Bollywood drama movie starring Mammootty, Jaya Prada, Rishi Kapoor, Nagma, Farah, Danny Denzongpa and Suresh Oberoi. The movie is directed by Iqbal Durrani and produced by Dinesh Patel. The music is composed by Nadeem-Shravan.

The movie revolves around Jeeva (Jaya Prada), who was in love with Shiva (Rishi Kapoor). On their wedding night, Yashpal Singh (Danny Denzongpa), a powerful and corrupt politician, kills Shiva. Jeeva was burning in the fire of revenge and she killed Yashpal Singh. She was sentenced to life imprisonment and gave birth to Munna (Mammootty) in jail. Munna grows up to be a brave and honest young man who fights against injustice and corruption. He also falls in love with Nagma (Nagma), Yashpal Singh's daughter.

If you are looking for a way to watch Dharti Putra full movie online in HD quality, you have two options. You can either watch it on ZEE5, a popular streaming platform that offers a wide range of movies and shows in various languages. ZEE5 has the official rights to stream Dharti Putra online. You can subscribe to ZEE5 and watch Dharti Putra full movie online on any device of your choice. You can also download the movie and watch it offline.

The other option is to watch Dharti Putra full movie on YouTube. There is a channel called Pen Multiplex that has uploaded Dharti Putra full movie in 20 minutes on YouTube. You can watch the movie for free on YouTube, but you will miss out on some scenes and details. The video quality may also not be as good as ZEE5. You can also download the video from YouTube using a third-party tool.

So, these are the two ways to watch Dharti Putra full movie online in HD quality. Choose the one that suits your preference and enjoy this classic Bollywood drama.

Dharti Putra is a movie that showcases the themes of love, revenge, justice and patriotism. The movie has some powerful performances by the lead actors, especially Mammootty, who plays the role of a fearless and honest jailor who protects Jeeva and Munna from their enemies. Jaya Prada also delivers a convincing performance as a woman who loses her husband and seeks vengeance. Rishi Kapoor and Nagma have a brief but romantic role as the lovers who face opposition from their families.

The movie also has some melodious songs by Nadeem-Shravan, who were known for their hit music in the 90s. The songs like \"Saare Rango Se Hai\", \"Khamoshi Hai Ek Baja Hai\", \"Bulbul Bole Angna Mere\" and \"Mera Tohfa Too Kar Le Kabool\" are still popular among the fans of the movie. The movie also has some action scenes and dialogues that add to the drama and thrill of the story.

Dharti Putra received mixed reviews from the critics and the audience when it was released in 1993. Some praised the movie for its message and direction, while others criticized it for being too violent and predictable. The movie was declared a semi hit at the box office and was the 24th highest-grossing film of 1993. The movie also marked the debut of Mammootty in Bollywood, who later went on to become one of the most acclaimed actors in Malayalam cinema. aa16f39245


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