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X Mplayer For Mac VERIFIED

X Mplayer For Mac >>>>>

In order to build MPlayerOSX from sourceyourself, you need the mplayerosx, themain and a copy of themain SVN module namedmain_noaltivec.mplayerosx is the GUI frontend,main is MPlayer andmain_noaltivec is MPlayer built without AltiVecsupport.

Have anyone experienced installing mplayer on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.3)I have stuck for a whole day trying everything from install using source code, download the dmg and extract the binary inside. But none works.

Edited:Sorry for not clarifying this question from beginningRandolph Potter has shown me that OSX Extended MPlayer works.In fact, what I want is the command line version of mplayer.I can install it on Mac OS X 10.5.8, but not on 10.6.3

I go to official site and search for mplayer inside available ports. I see there are two packages: mplayer cannot be installed on 10.6.x but mplayer-devel can. I installed it and be able to do all of the operation. Thanks you guy for sharing.

this document pertains primarily to unix (mac os x, linux, etc) users, though you can use mplayer under windows, too. in fact, it comes with anri - look under c:\programs\anri_whatever\ for mplayer.exe.

once you have it in your applications folder then you can invoke it via the command line (terminal) too. normally mplayer is really hard to use from the command line but for what we are doing it won't be bad.

first line is just the path to mplayer. if you're on a mac and put mplayer os x extended in your applications folder then it should be identical for you, can just copy and paste. otherwise you'll need to adjust it to point to your mplayer binary executable.

after -dumpstream -dumpfile is the path to the new file you are making with the part of the run cut out. here i put it on my desktop and call it myrun.vob. then you can just upload that to youtube or whatever when mplayer finishes.

Like GStreamer, MPlayer has only command line interface and there are a couple of front-ends available, which use GUI widgets of GTK, Qt or some other widget library. When not using these front-ends, mplayer can still display video in a window (with no visible controls on it), and is controlled using a keyboard.

mplayer2 was a GPLv3-licensed fork of MPlayer, largely the work of Uoti Urpala, who was excluded from the MPlayer project in May 2010 due to "long standing differences" with the MPlayer Team.[16] The main changes from MPlayer were improved pause handling, Matroska support, seeking, and support for Nvidia VDPAU; enabling multithreading by default; and the removal of MEncoder, the GUI interface, and various video drivers and bundled libraries, such as ffmpeg, relying instead on shared libraries.[17][18] The developers also indicated intentions to enable MPlayer2 to use libav as an alternative to ffmpeg.[19] The first release, 2.0, was published in March 2011. There have been no subsequent stable releases.

MPlayer is a media player that supports a wide range of multimedia formats. It is typically used for playing video with a GUI, but can also be used (in batch mode without a GUI) to convert the audio to WAV format. MPlayer is available for Linux (package "mplayer"), Windows and Mac OS X.

I installed shorten using "fink install shorten". Where did you get your from Any idea what magic number might be about Despite the error response, "shorten -h" doesn't give any info about magic numbers.Oh, not surprisingly, the resulting MP3 file is a wash of static. :-( [ Reply to This # ] Using named pipes to convert SHN to MP3 Authored by: hypert on Oct 31, '04 10:43:59PM My mistake! I used the commands above for SHD->MP3 conversion, when I meant to use the RM->MP3 conversion. Shorten was complaining because I wasn't feeding it an SHD file! Now, if I can just compile mplayer with the realaudio codecs, I'll have this working....

I've spent way too much time in the last 2 days trying to get mplayer to compile for Mac OS X, encouraged by the original example in this thread of being able to convert RealAudio


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