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Essential American English 1 Resuelto


How to Learn Essential American English 1 Resuelto

If you are looking for a comprehensive and practical course to learn essential American English, you might want to check out Essential American English 1 Resuelto. This course is designed for beginners who want to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a variety of everyday situations. In this article, we will tell you more about what this course offers and how you can benefit from it.

What is Essential American English 1 Resuelto

Essential American English 1 Resuelto is a course book that contains 12 units, each covering a different topic related to life in the USA. The topics include greetings, introductions, family, hobbies, shopping, food, travel, health, work, education, entertainment and culture. Each unit consists of four sections: vocabulary, grammar, communication and review. The vocabulary section introduces the key words and phrases for the topic. The grammar section explains the main rules and structures for the level. The communication section provides dialogues and exercises to practice speaking and listening skills. The review section consolidates what has been learned and tests the progress.

What are the benefits of Essential American English 1 Resuelto

Essential American English 1 Resuelto has many benefits for learners who want to master the basics of American English. Some of the benefits are:

It is easy to follow and understand. The course book uses clear explanations, examples and illustrations to make learning fun and engaging.

It is relevant and realistic. The course book uses authentic texts and audio recordings from real-life situations to expose learners to natural and idiomatic language.

It is flexible and adaptable. The course book can be used for self-study or in a classroom setting. It also comes with an online platform that offers additional resources and activities.

It is comprehensive and progressive. The course book covers all the essential skills and topics for the level. It also prepares learners for the next level of learning.

How to get Essential American English 1 Resuelto

If you are interested in getting Essential American English 1 Resuelto, you can order it online from the publisher's website or from other online retailers. You can also find it in your local bookstore or library. The course book comes with an audio CD that contains all the listening materials. You can also access the online platform by registering with a code that comes with the book.


Essential American English 1 Resuelto is a great course book for beginners who want to learn essential American English in a practical and enjoyable way. It covers all the important skills and topics for the level and provides plenty of opportunities for practice and review. If you want to improve your American English skills and confidence, you should definitely give it a try. 061ffe29dd


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