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[S7E15] Welcome To Wherever You Are !!TOP!!

PopMatters said the final season "recovered its sense of humor".[48] David Hinckley of the Daily News praised the character of Bruno Gianelli as a "brilliant (...) shark of a campaign manager" and commended the series for never rushing the romantic character arc of Josh and Donna.[16] As the fictional Election Day approached, Aleksandra Stankovic of The Harvard Crimson said that "a more complex, more mature West Wing, but one with no clear narrative resolution in sight" was evolving and that she welcomed the "restoration of narrative tension".[49] Bill Brioux from the Toronto Sun agreed, stating that the seventh series was "enjoying a creative renaissance" and had been "enlivened by the election storyline".[50] Mike Duffy of the Detroit Free Press said that The West Wing had "rediscovered the vivid political zing in its farewell season";[51] however, Jeffrey Robinson from DVD Talk commented that the shift away from daily issues and operations in the White House meant "season seven did not feel like The West Wing".[52]

[S7E15] Welcome to Wherever You Are

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There are only two weeks left before Election Day and both candidates must make difficult choices at a time when they are both extremely tired. Vinick meets a famous athlete who greets him with a welcome that sings possible campaign trouble. Santos doesn't have such trouble with the athlete. Both candidates are campaigning in California with the hopes of stealing the election from the other guy in the hopes of thereby winning the election. Santos' briefcase falls into the hands of the Vinick campaign.

While in Vic Fontaine's holosuite club, Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir try to convince Vic to join them in their Alamo program. Vic declines, and instead offers to sing a tune to get them into a "Texas state of mind." In the middle of Vic's Alamo rendition, however, there is a flash in the program and he is suddenly booed off the stage, as a new, raunchy act emerges from behind the curtain, stealing Vic's show. Confused and in a state of disbelief, Vic gets shuffled by the crowd; when the crowd parts, he is confronted by Frankie Eyes, a gangster with an axe to grind against Vic. Frankie abruptly informs Vic that he has recently purchased the hotel, casino, and lounge. Vic, who is no longer welcome in the club, is being replaced with a new act.

Meanwhile, Spike and Starlight welcome Ember to town, but she immediately scares some townsfolk with her fire breath and aversion to bright colors. She asks where Twilight is, and Spike inadvertently mentions that she's at her castle.

Hey friends, welcome back to Commander Clash! 'Tis the season of giving, so the Goldfish crew has gathered 'round for a Secret Santa game! Each of us have gifted a deck for someone else to play. Here's what we wrapped:

It's a different type of story than Scott usually gets and a welcome break from the Carment/Tyrell situation. But getting involved with a UC is going to drag him back into the world he broke ties with in favor of medicine. 041b061a72


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