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Train.Simulator.2013.Deluxe.Plus-IPT Patch


Train.Simulator.2013.Deluxe.Plus-IPT Patch

Output pixel coordinates are now explicitly passed to ray-tracing hit shaders through payload instead of using DispatchRaysIndex to emulate SV_Position. This fixes dithering effects in ray-tracing shaders when ray sorting is used.

Jun.27, 2018 - BIOLIFE4D, a Chicago-based medical tech firm specializing in 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering, announced it has successfully demonstrated its ability to 3D bioprint human cardiac tissue ' specifically, a human cardiac patch. More

Mar.28, 2018 - Researchers in Japan have used a 3D bioprinted cellular patch to repair damaged human diaphragms attached to rats, seeing 'complete tissue integration' of the printed grafts after a period of time. The exciting bioprinting research paves the way for a clinical trial. More

e9d20f1 build: introduce default HOST_MAKE_VARS for host-builds (+7,-1)5faad30 build: properly pass CPP and CXX flags in HOST_MAKE_VARS (+2,-1)3d71786 build: move STAGING_DIR_HOSTPKG and BUILD_DIR_HOST back to a common directory... (+10,-10)c99f881 git-kernel: $(SUBDIR) should always be $(LINUX_VERSION) (+1,-1)6cf067d build: define common subdir targets in (+15,-18)9228d1c build: introduce extra targets that contain only proper dependencies (+23,-15)8aa93da build: write ABI_VERSION file when staging the package (+1,-7)87d9e34 build: stage unstripped packages inside PKG_BUILD_DIR (+14,-10)c150a19 build: stage bin/ packages inside PKG_BUILD_DIR (+9,-2)7a52356 build: add support for automatically removing build dir contents during build (+32,-3)131db36 build: remove separate /install step for host builds (+68,-67)d98bb7e build: extend CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE to tools/ (+8)40d3401 export STAGING_DIR_HOSTPKG (+1,-1)86a7276 build: include CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE in STAMP_PREPARED (+1,-1)bc73a7f build: include CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE in HOST_STAMP_PREPARED (+1,-1)5aa03e1 build: disable CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE for packages/tools where QUILT is used (+16,-10)f784b3e build: fix regression in handling ABI_VERSION (+1,-1)2990a21 build: always run package/cleanup before package/compile (+3,-2)664918d Revert "build: always run package/cleanup before package/compile" (+2,-3)0e22d63 build: fix CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE for packages with multiple variants (+12,-5)afd2827 build: do not create empty directories in bin/ (+3,-2)fb07085 build: fix bin/ package empty check (+6,-4)6699f58 build: use if-then to avoid non-zero return codes in bin/ packaging code (+2,-2)053dc3b build: do not auto-clean packages where the autoremove step has not run (+5,-2)cbbd71b build: remove obsolete mips32r2 CPU_TYPE (-1)bfdc56d build: remove mips16 feature flag from target makefiles (+11,-9)f4f8f4a x86: unify CPU_TYPE for legacy and geode (+2,-5)807461e build: make the touch .autoremove call non-fatal (+1,-1)31b16a3 build: add generic build template for u-boot packages (+96)7e1fc09 include/ keep Require-User lines with CONFIG_CLEAN_IPKG (+9,-1)25e2cf3 package-ipkg: Do not fail build without base-files (+2)1e14f01 add UBOOT_MAKE_FLAGS variable similar to MAKE_FLAGS (+2,-1)1c0addb add support for overriding DEFAULT (+2)aeba0fe build: move append-file to (+4,-4)0519baf prepare for linux 4.9 support (+6,-2)7d57db4 build: introduce STAGING_DIR_IMAGE (+4)57657a7 build: Suffix build directory with _$(LIBC) for external toolchains (+2,-1)7faee1b firmware-utils: improve tools for Buffalo DHP series (+215,-9)74c09e7 fix detecting download errors with curl (+1,-1)d86802a build: keep recursive dependency check stampfiles up to date (+3)289f2a8 scripts/ append short git hash based on upstream commit (+2,-1)68bef93 scripts: fix mercurial support, add mtime fallback (+7,-2)eaf3fef ccache, samba36: fix addresses to use https (+8,-7)7d00cfe build: centralize fakeroot code (+19,-32)40fb293 build: add missing wildcard for ignoring .pkgdir in dependency checks (+1,-1)f55c


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