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Zenki: The Demon Warrior and His Adventures in Tagalog

Chiaki understands that Chibi Zenki was just taken by the impulse of wanting to save her, and she forgives him. The episode ends with Chiaki, Kazama, and Chibi Zenki all looking at an interesting, new budge on the table and Chibi Zenki remarks how it's like they all became one big family again and he says it's as if their troubles were all erased.

Zenki Tagalog Version Full Episo

As a symbol of the end of the adventure, Chiaki starts to cry, but we still don't know what happens to Chibi Zenki and Chiaki's parents. It can be suspected that the parents learn to accept that Chiaki was right all along. But Chiaki was lucky to be taken into an extremely rich family. It can also be suggested that she learned she was a lot stronger than she thought she was.

Naruto: Shippuden TV: This episode isn't as memorable as it should be. In it, Sakura attends a birthday party for Sasuke, who is celebrating his 34th birthday. Sasuke is very excited as he looks forward to the chance of seeing his half-sibling "son" this year.

Something about this fight between Zenki and his father is extremely similar to the one between Chibi Zenki and Ozunu. This is made even more evident if you compare these two fight scenes to the ones of Chibi Zenki with his grandfather.

It could mean that the outcome of this fight is locked in time, but it could also mean that the time and time-space distortions in the story is in fact a result of the battle of Zenki and Odawara, leading to his death and the change that happen in time and space.

Taking one step back, it is very obvious that Chiaki is just another pawn in this awful trilogy that is about to start once Chibi Zenki is actually dead. Chiaki is just like Miki, being used as a pawn for Odawara and the Demon Gods to make their plans happen.


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