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Over/Under Odds in Betting: Instructions for Reading Results Correctly

Prepare Before Reading Over/Under Results:

Before starting your journey to reading over/under results, there are some important preparation steps you need to take:

Understanding the Rules of Sic Bo:

Master the rules and how to calculate the total value of 3 dice. This is the foundation for you to properly understand the meaning of the results.

Know About Possible Results:

Over/under can bring 3 main results: "Over", "Under" or "Draw". Make sure you clearly understand what each result means.

Set a Goal for Playing Sic Bo:

Determine your playing goal, be it entertainment or profit. This will assist you in determining your playing strategy.

Determine Bet Level:

Decide on a bet level that fits your budget and willingness to accept risks.

How to Read Over/Under Results:

Observing the Dice Rolling Process:

Watch carefully how the dice are rolled. This helps you gauge how random the online sports betting site game is.

Recording Results:

Record each over/under result to track trends and patterns. This helps you analyze the results in a detailed and logical way.

Analyze Results to Make Decisions:

Based on the process of observing, recording, and analyzing results to make effective playing decisions.

Understanding the Increase and Decrease Chart:

Monitor the increase and decrease graph of the results. When there is a sudden change, especially when there is a large difference, it can be a sign of odds fluctuations.

Reading the results of Sic Bo is not simply a matter of looking at the numbers, but also a process of analyzing and deeply understanding the information that the results bring. By taking careful preparations and observations, you will have the opportunity to optimize your betting experience. Combine your understanding of the rules of the game and your analytical acumen to achieve the most accurate results in playing Sic Bo.

Instructions for Analyzing and Applying Over/Under Results in Betting

1. Classification of Results:

Over: This result appears when the total value of the 3 dice exceeds the predetermined threshold. Observe the frequency and increasing or decreasing trend of "Over" results to make accurate predictions.

Under: The result "Under" occurs when the total value of the 3 dice is less than the specified threshold. Evaluate the frequency and volatility of "Under" results to better understand game variability.

2. Results Statistics:

Using Charts and Data Tables: Create charts or data tables to record and analyze results. These tools help you track game trends and patterns in detail.

Determining Occurrence Rate: Evaluate the occurrence rate of both "Over" and "Under" to understand their distribution. Through that, you can evaluate randomness or influence from other factors.

3. Trend Analysis:

Determine the Distribution of Results: Study the distribution of past "Over" and "Under" results to determine the stability and reliability of the game.

Evaluate Variation Over Time: Apply results reading to monitor the fluctuation of results over time. This helps you identify trends and predict future occurrences.

4. Apply How to Read Results:

Determine Strategy Based on Over/Under Results:

Create playing strategies based on trends and patterns of results.

For example: If "Over" appears frequently, increase your bet when predicting "Over" will appear.

Adjust Bet Level Based on Result:

After applying the result reading method, adjust the bet level based on results with a high probability of appearing.

Please play responsibly and do not bet beyond your financial means.

5. Effective Testing:

Playing Strategy Review:

After each round, evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy based on the analyzed results.

Adjust strategy if necessary to optimize playing results.

The above guide provides detailed steps to analyze and apply over/under results bookmaker comparison games. By combining an understanding of trends and patterns of results, you can build an advantageous playing strategy. Play smart and always maintain consideration and responsibility in each of your betting decisions. Wish you have interesting experiences and good luck!

Result Classification:


Reached when the total value of 3 dice exceeds a previously determined threshold.

Observe the frequency and changing trend of "Over" results to make predictions.


Occurs when the total value of 3 dice is less than a specified threshold.

Evaluate changes and trends in "Under" results to have an effective playing strategy.

Result Statistics:

Using Charts and Data Tables:

Create charts or tables to record and analyze the results.

Provides a clear view of the game's trends and patterns.

Consider the Appearance of Results:

Determine the occurrence rate of "Over" and "Under" to evaluate their distribution.

Trend Analysis:

Determine the Level of Distribution:

Observe the distribution of results to evaluate the stability and reliability of the game.

Evaluating Changes Over Time:

Apply results reading to track changes in results over time.