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Survive the Internet is for 3-8 players and is a game of user-generated content that takes place on a fictional version of the Internet. In the first three rounds, one player receives a question that asks their opinion on a topic. Their answer is taken out of context and sent to another player, who is then told to determine what the reply was in response to as if they were on a specific site such as social media, forums, jobs and news, attempting to twist the reply as best they can to make the first player look bad. All players and the audience are then presented with the pairs of original replies and the guessed topic, and vote on which pairing is the most ridiculous. Each vote gains a big number of points for the second player that twisted the reply and a smaller number of points for the first player that provided the reply. If the pair of replies and the guessed topic gets the most votes, the second player that twisted the reply gets a "best burn" and a bigger number of bonus points and the first player that provided the reply gets an "ultimate sacrifice" and smaller number of bonus points. The final round is always the "Photosharing site", where players are given a question with two choices and the photo based on their selected choice is sent to another player who has to comment about it. The player with the most points at the end wins, having "survived the Internet". 153554b96e


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