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Stephen Shirodkar
Stephen Shirodkar

Q10 Equalizer by Waves - EQ Plugin VST VST3 Audio Unit AAX

Waves ProVerb allows you to set up multiple track gauges, and mix multiple audio signals into one track. To use Waves ProVerb, simply run Waves ProVerb RTAS Vol and select the audio channel, instrument, or any other track. Revert to its default setting to switch back to a single track. When used with power amp emulation plugins such as Vigour Vol 2, ProVerbs RTAS and Hardware emulations can help to create virtual power amp.

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Waves Saturator is specifically designed to restore a place on mix or track when the original recording has been lost. Its workflow is very similar to Waves ProVerb RTAS Vol. When Saturator is selected in the transport or track view, you can drag a single audio track into the view to review or mix. Saturator doesnt change the mix or track, just the level of the track in the mix. As with ProVerbs RTAS Vol and its predecessors, Saturator can run in two modes. In "disable" mode, the entire mix remains transparent when using Saturator for a scratch mix, while "insert" mode allows you to cut out a track and replace it.

The Vol2 is Waves most sought after and most valuable plugin. As the name suggests, Vigour Volume 2 lets you raise the volume of a track while maintaining a constant level. This is particularly useful for audio engineers using power amps, where they often have to set the volume of a track way up before turning up the power. Depending on the power of the amps, it may take several seconds for the volume to start affecting the sound, and may never reach the desired level. This problem is solved by Vigours Vol2, which allows you to control the volume of a track over the course of several seconds while maintaining a constant level. Can you think of a plugin thats as versatile and useful?


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