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Jeff Jackson
Jeff Jackson

Chimochicchi Animations For WickedWhims [WORK]

New Version of DD released (v3.2):- Many fixes and performance enhancements. - Reduced the delay when clicking on Sims - Reduced the time it takes to load into a household - The notifications for how many of each thing are loaded (Animations, Encounters, CAS Parts) are much more detailed. - Fixed a few issues with the `main.json` customization file where previously tagged SCAT and WATERSPORTS animations did not have the appropriate actor tags assigned.- Added Milk My Breasts/Penis as well as Ask To Milk My Breast/Penis. (The opposite interactions Ask To Milk Breasts/Penis Of will be coming in the future)- Penisfeeding has been renamed to Cum Eating- Penis Milk has been renamed to Cum- Sexual Need % is now Arousal %- Many issues fixed related to Arousal and it going up too fast. (Still needs some tweaking, but Sims that did not have the Arousal stat will no longer start at very high levels of Arousal.)- Nudity Updates: - When choosing Custom CAS Parts, you may now choose **all** CAS Part types, Skin Details, Piercings, and everything! Now you may choose your Anthro Heads all you want! - When choosing Custom CAS Parts, DD will ask which CAS parts in particular you meant to select, this will improve accuracy and reduce the chance of a random CAS Part being selected for you that may not be the part you chose. - Fixed an issue where Animals Sims would not auto equip their bits on first load. - The Full Body body part is no longer available for Human Sims, it was way too buggy to allow it to continue being available.- Devious Desires now requires at least version 1.74 of S4CL

Chimochicchi Animations for WickedWhims




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