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P.S. - If you are concerned about vandalism make sure you mark the trailhead with spray paint. About five years ago a group of would be graffiti artists was in the area of the Wave and left a huge mess. I found out about this years later and called the BLM to warn them of their presence. The new head of the local office, David Lynn, ended up coming to the site and snatching their flag (legal size) away from them. Mr. Lynn definitely believed that they had the illegal intent to vandalize and as a result of his actions a little paint on a portion of the Wave is forever.

Please remember that this is a FREE service operated by volunteers.Donations, such as our ten dollar donation to this big ol' spreadsheet, help offset the costs of the many man hours it takes to maintain and update this site. It is made possible by the kind donations and hard work of those who have contributed to it at the link below (your donation goes directly to the site in the right hand column). We would also like to thank the many park rangers who have contributed their time to make this list accurate and useful. d2c66b5586


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