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Vindictus Skachat Torrent Rus

I re installing B&S from scratch - Same computerBut on my Windows10 OS > try it in 64 bit > same problem.thenI re installing B&S from scratch - Same computeron my Windows10 OS > on my SSD > try it in 64 bit > NO MORE LAG AT's working i am happy, ok, cool, but why Then i use a software to analyze how many KB/MB are written in the tampon/temp (and other place) the game use to send informations in my hard drive,how many he received, send, how many tick per seconds the hard drive take ... ... ... when blade and soul run.mmo are same as a peer to peer (torrent) (to be ultra supra dummy simple) but do not save "really" physically the information on the hard drive,and because the don't "preload" stuff, they need to use this way to proceed.Dear users, now this: -------------IT'S WAY TO HEAVY--------------- 10 times the data weight of warframe, for example per sec.So it is totally OBVIOUS it can't run FLUID on normal HD - Without 64 bit managing 2 times the memory space of a 32 bit os. (to be simple again)So i apologize for some of my wordsBUT i DO NOT apologize about : incompetent developers AT ALL!in 2018 we have technology to analyze this and this is BASHED on blade and soul.Depending of the gamer hardware, is pure stupidity !We use MIDDLE GAME COMPUTER to test our games for obvious reasons : Avoiding this. If it runs fluid on a 8 years old computer it will run fluid on a recent one. Again SKILLS -NOT- HEAVY SHIT.THE MINIMUM TO DO is to say in obvious place when customers get the game.Same as many company who write that on the download page or on the steam description column : SSD + 64 bit Os highly recommended to avoid lags.This "topic" is closed,i wish you a good game experience and all the fun you can have irl or in-game.Thx all for your help. 59ce067264


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