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Stephen Shirodkar
Stephen Shirodkar Igo Primo 2.4 409

and if brands can connect with their consumers in a meaningful way, they will likely not only survive but thrive as well. they can make their purpose a big part of their business and help people be happier, healthier and live a more purpose-filled life. its all about people. igo primo 2.4 409

client: tequila primo 1861project: brand identity and packaging for tequila blanco premium.the word primo comes from the latin primus which means first and excellent. tequila primo 1861 is a tribute to pedro camarena, founder of the first tequila distillery in arandas, jalisco, mexico and father to a lineage of renowned producers. his distillery was burned down during the mexican revolution and all that remains is the tahona stone that stands proudly nowadays.

the word purpose can be intimidating when said out loud, especially if youre talking about your own company. but as diane primo points out, a businesses core identity isnt as elusive as one might think. its not some pie-in-the-sky thing, she says of her work as founder and ceo of award-winning public relations and branding agency purpose brand.

the chicago-based firm has helped an ever-growing roster of companieseasterseals, aar, mckissack & mckissack, and origin investments to name a fewfind their callings through an expansive slate of services that includes content marketing, community engagement, web development, and workshops. but regardless of the entity, primo and the rest of the purpose brand team challenge every organization to come to the table with transparency and an open mind. for instance, theres no shame in wanting to be financially lucrative.


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