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Liam Garcia

Skachat Launcher Na Android Nts

the currency you buy in ios is only usable on your phone, and not in regular pso2. this is why you've only seen guides for android. if you want to buy regular ac, grab your device transfer code from the settings, and then install bluestacks on your computer and setup the android version of es on your pc.

skachat launcher na android nts

I just recently got interested in PSO2 es, and was hoping to have it installed on my Iphone. Shame i'm only seeing a .apk file which i believe is exclusive to android only, though i remember seeing a one of several comments of people using PSO2 es with a iphone.

ive hear of ppl using google play cards in Us. ive also heafrd of ghose that said it didnt work. it supposedly is just thru google wallet.. bc it converts the currency.(at asmall fee) if youve ever used google wallet, you can add cards (pre paid debit/credit etc) and similar to payapal,each payment option u add has its own seperate balancce and google wallet itself has a balance. u transfer funds to wallet (it charges u a fee) and then when u pay for things, choose google wallet,instead of the card that had the actual money on it in the first place. i think the trick to google play is converting your points to wallet money, and then using your google wallet* as payment option. not google play points. if you cash your card in at buying scfeen, the currency still dollars and wont work. and as far as i know google wallet is a US only thing. not sure if canada has same thing. hopefully that helps, as google wallet isnt explained weel. also keep n mind that differnt versions of androids may work differntly.. as far as iknow the current bluestacks emulator works for this method, but u need a jp google account. you need jp google period i believe. even for credit cards thru Es 041b061a72


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