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APKC 2023: A Workshop on Novel Public-Key Cryptosystems for Solving Real-Life Problems

What is APKC 2023 and why you should attend it

If you are interested in public-key cryptography, you should not miss the opportunity to attend the 10th ACM Asia Public-Key Cryptography Workshop (APKC 2023), which will be held in Melbourne, Australia from July 10-14, 2023. In this article, we will tell you what APKC is, what are the main themes and topics of the workshop, what are the highlights of APKC 2023, and what are the benefits of attending it.

apkc 2023


Public-key cryptography is a branch of cryptography that allows secure communication and authentication between parties who do not share a secret key. It enables applications such as digital signatures, encryption, key exchange, identity-based encryption, attribute-based encryption, homomorphic encryption, multi-party computation, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

APKC is a workshop that focuses on novel public-key cryptosystems for solving a wide range of real-life application problems. It was first held in 2013 in Hangzhou, China, and since then it has been held annually in different locations in Asia. The workshop aims to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to present their latest results, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations.

The theme of APKC 2023 is "Public-Key Cryptography for Emerging Applications". The workshop solicits original contributions on both applied and theoretical aspects of public-key cryptography. Some of the topics of interest include:

  • Applied public-key cryptography for solving emerging application problems

  • Provably secure public-key primitives and protocols

  • Key management for, and by, public-key cryptosystems

  • Privacy-preserving cryptographic computations

  • Cryptographic protocols for blockchains

  • Public-key cryptography for cryptocurrencies

  • Two-party and multi-party computations

  • Card-based cryptographic protocols

  • Homomorphic public-key cryptosystems

  • Attributed-based and functional public-key cryptography

  • Digital signatures with special properties

  • System security properties of public-key cryptography

  • Post-quantum public-key cryptography

  • Fast implementation of public-key cryptosystems

Highlights of APKC 2023

APKC 2023 will be held in Melbourne, Australia from July 10-14, 2023. It will be held in conjunction with the 18th ACM ASIA Conference on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ACM AsiaCCS 2023), which is one of the leading conferences in computer security in Asia.

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APKC 2023 public key cryptography applications and challenges

APKC 2023 provably secure public key primitives and protocols

APKC 2023 key management for, and by, public key cryptosystems

APKC 2023 privacy-preserving cryptographic computations

APKC 2023 cryptographic protocols for blockchains

APKC 2023 public key cryptography for cryptocurrencies

APKC 2023 two-party and multi-party computations

APKC 2023 card-based cryptographic protocols

APKC 2023 homomorphic public key cryptosystems

APKC 2023 attributed-based and functional public key cryptography

APKC 2023 digital signatures with special properties

APKC 2023 system security properties of public key cryptography

APKC 2023 post-quantum public key cryptography

The workshop will feature two keynote speakers who are renowned experts in public-key cryptography. They are:

  • Prof. Ronald Cramer, Professor at Leiden University and Head of Cryptology Group at CWI Amsterdam. He is a co-inventor of Cramer-Shoup encryption scheme and a recipient of RSA Award for Excellence in Mathematics.

  • Prof. Shafi Goldwasser, Professor at MIT and Weizmann Institute of Science. She is a Turing Award winner and a pioneer of zero-knowledge proofs, probabilistic encryption, interactive proofs, multi-party computation, and more.

The workshop will also have a technical program committee consisting of leading researchers and practitioners in public-key cryptography from academia and industry. They will review the submissions and select the best papers for presentation and publication in the workshop proceedings. The submission guidelines and deadlines are as follows:

Submission type

Page limit


Full paper

12 pages

April 1, 2023

Short paper

6 pages

May 1, 2023

Poster abstract

2 pages

June 1, 2023

All submissions must be in PDF format and follow the ACM template. They must be original, unpublished, and not submitted to any other venue. They must also include a title, an abstract, keywords, and author information. The submissions will be evaluated based on their novelty, relevance, soundness, and clarity.

To register and participate in the workshop, you need to visit the official website of APKC 2023 and fill out the online registration form. The registration fee is $200 for regular attendees and $100 for students. The fee covers the access to the workshop sessions, the workshop proceedings, the coffee breaks, and the lunch. You can also apply for a travel grant if you are a student or a researcher from a developing country.

Benefits of attending APKC 2023

By attending APKC 2023, you will be able to:

  • Learn from the experts and peers in the field. You will have the chance to listen to the keynote speeches by Prof. Cramer and Prof. Goldwasser, who are among the most influential figures in public-key cryptography. You will also be able to attend the presentations of the accepted papers and posters, which will showcase the latest research results and insights on public-key cryptography for emerging applications.

  • Network with researchers and practitioners from academia and industry. You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other attendees who share your interests and goals in public-key cryptography. You will be able to exchange ideas, ask questions, give feedback, and establish new connections and collaborations.

  • Showcase your work and get feedback. If you submit a paper or a poster to the workshop, you will be able to present your work to a knowledgeable and interested audience. You will be able to demonstrate your contribution to the field, receive constructive comments and suggestions, and improve your visibility and reputation.

  • Discover new opportunities and collaborations. You will be able to learn about the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in public-key cryptography for emerging applications. You will also be able to discover new research problems, methods, tools, datasets, and resources that can help you advance your research or practice. You may also find potential partners or sponsors for your future projects or initiatives.


In conclusion, APKC 2023 is a workshop that you should not miss if you are interested in public-key cryptography for emerging applications. It will offer you a valuable learning experience, a fruitful networking opportunity, a rewarding showcase platform, and a stimulating discovery environment. To attend APKC 2023, you need to register online before June 30, 2023. To submit a paper or a poster to APKC 2023, you need to follow the submission guidelines and deadlines. We hope to see you at APKC 2023 in Melbourne!


Here are some common questions and answers about APKC 2023:

  • Q: What is the official website of APKC 2023?

  • A: The official website of APKC 2023 is You can find more information about the workshop there.

  • Q: How can I contact the organizers of APKC 2023?

  • A: You can contact the organizers of APKC 2023 by sending an email to They will reply to you as soon as possible.

  • Q: What is the venue of APKC 2023?

  • A: The venue of APKC 2023 is Melbourne Convention Centre (MCC), which is located at 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006, Australia. It is a modern and spacious facility that can accommodate various events and activities.

  • Q: How can I get to Melbourne and Melbourne from different countries?

  • A: Melbourne has four different airports that serve domestic and international flights. The main airport is Melbourne International Airport (MEL), which is also known as Tullamarine Airport. It is located about 23 km from the city center and has flights to and from many countries in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. You can get to the city from the airport by taxi, bus, shuttle, or car rental. The other airports are Avalon Airport (AVV), which is mainly used by low-cost carriers such as Jetstar and AirAsia; Essendon Airport (MEB), which is used for regional flights and charter services; and Moorabbin Airport (MBW), which is used for general aviation and flight training. You can find more information about how to get to Melbourne from different countries on the website of Rome2rio.

  • Q: What are the visa requirements for attending APKC 2023?

  • A: The visa requirements for attending APKC 2023 depend on your nationality, purpose of visit, and length of stay. You can check the visa requirements for Australia on the website of the Department of Home Affairs. Generally, you will need a valid passport and a visa or an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) to enter Australia. You may also need to provide evidence of your travel plans, financial capacity, health insurance, and invitation letter from APKC 2023. You should apply for your visa or ETA well in advance of your travel date.


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