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Buy Electric Toothbrush Heads

Hi Birgit,Thank you so much for your feedback and your support! Bamboo toothbrush can take some time to get use to. We try to avoid any extra chemicals going in our mouth so we prefer to keep it as natural as possible.

buy electric toothbrush heads

Overall, this is a great alternative to the plastic replacement heads. The bristles are a little little harder than I am used to, but I got used to that after about 3 days. The castor oil bristles certainly have a taste that takes getting used to, but again got used to that in about 3 days. Very happy with this purchase, will be buying again!

Loved that the product was delivered in zero plastic packaging. Been using the toothbrush head for over a week and have zero complaints. So thankful to be finding more and more less wasteful products!

While dedicated to my electric toothbrush, I have been looking for a more sustainable (and affordable!) brush head for my toothbrush, and Plus Ultra came through! It works comparably to the standard issue one, and I won't hesitate to buy again.

Over 1 million power toothbrush heads sold! Name brand power toothbrush compatible electric toothbrush replacement heads sold in bulk for dental offices. Make sure your patients replace their electric toothbrush heads as often as they should! Gentle on the gumline soft bristles. Guaranteed fit and performance to leading power toothbrushes.

  • Pairs exclusively with the MOON Electric Toothbrush.

  • Insert the brush head into the handle, while leaving a small amount of space to allow for sonic vibrations.

  • Place the bristles against the teeth at a 45 degree angle towards gumline. Move the bristles slowly in circular motion. Do not scrub teeth, but apply light pressure to allow sonic vibrations to deeply clean. Replace brush heads every 3 months.

1. Choose your brush head. Three assorted brush heads are included: Binchotan Charcoal (pure whitening power!), Spiral Bristle (sensitive teeth and gums), Tynex Bristle (plaque eemoval superstar). Pick a brush head based on your personal oral care goals and push the brush head down onto your PearlBar Sonic Electric Toothbrush base until there is just a small space between the brush head and the base.2. Get Brushing! Follow the steps on your PearlBar Sonic Electric Toothbrush to get your cleanest smile ever3. Reveal. Show off your dazzling pearly whites!

Brightline Replacement Brush Heads work with the Brightline Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush with Adjustable Intensity (86700) to gently clean and whiten teeth by removing surface stains. Soft, contoured bristles are sculpted to correspond to the natural shape of your teeth, making it easier to reach every nook and cranny necessary while being gentle on gums. Includes 4 replacement brush heads (a 12 month supply).

Brushing your teeth is the foundation of good oral care and prevention. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), both electric and manual toothbrushes are effective at removing oral plaque that causes decay and disease.

Electric toothbrush bristles vibrate or rotate to help you remove plaque buildup from your teeth and gums. The vibration allows for more micro-movements every time you move your toothbrush across your teeth.

A review of studies showed that, in general, electric toothbrushes do decrease more plaque and gingivitis than manual toothbrushes. After three months of use, plaque was reduced by 21 percent and gingivitis by 11 percent. Oscillating (rotating) toothbrushes seem to work better than just vibrating toothbrushes.

Among people with appliances who already had good oral health, plaque levels were about the same, whether they used an electric toothbrush or not. But if you find it difficult to clean your mouth while having orthodontic therapy, the electric toothbrush may improve your oral health.

Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than manual ones. Prices range anywhere from $15 to $250 per brush. New replacement brush heads usually come in packs of multiples and cost between $10 and $45. Totally disposable electric toothbrushes cost $5 to $8 plus the cost of batteries.

The best toothbrush for your child is whatever one they are mostly likely to use. Experts recommend soft bristles and a child-sized toothbrush head for kids. Neither a manual nor electric toothbrush is necessarily better for young children. The same pros and cons of each kind still apply.

All toothbrushes need to be replaced every three to four months according to the ADA. Replace your toothbrush sooner if it looks frayed or if you used it when you were sick. With a manual toothbrush, the whole thing needs to be replaced. With an electric toothbrush, you may only need to replace the removable head.

Both electric and manual toothbrushes are effective at cleaning teeth if you use proper technique and brush long enough. Overall, an electric toothbrush may make brushing easier, resulting in better plaque removal. Talk with your dentist if you have questions about which toothbrush might be best for you.

The American Dental Association recommends changing your brush head every 3 months. This prevents bacteria from building up in the bristles, affecting your oral health and general wellbeing. And a fresh brush head is key for keeping your SmileDirectClub electric toothbrush in tip-top shape. We even included a new AAA battery to keep the good vibrations going.

Our small brush heads work with every quip (adult, kids, & smart), and come with a free AAA battery. Refresh every 3 months, like dentists recommended, before your bristles wear out and don't clean effectively.

They Say: The world's most sold bamboo toothbrush goes electrical. With replaceable heads for sonic toothbrushes, we're inching closer and closer to restoring nature to what it once was. Cutting plastic usage by 88%, our new electrical toothbrush bamboo head is a game-changer. The responsible option to your current electrical toothbrush routine.

These replacement heads fit perfectly on my old Philips Sonicare toothbrush. They gave an excellent clean without moving around on the toothbrush. The design has clearly been well thought out.

My opinion about whether or not charcoal-infused toothbrush bristles work changes on almost a weekly basis. The research is a bit wishy-washy, but I do feel that my teeth look slightly whiter after using charcoal-infused for a while.

They Say: Fits perfectly snap-on handle. Our electric brush heads are compatible with Sonicare toothbrushes and are made of eco-friendly, natural sustainably-grown bamboo that's biodegradable and good for the environment. We eliminate the use of plastic in our packaging too. Our eco-friendly toothbrush heads come packed in a 100% recyclable paper box.