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Unarc.dll Error Code-14: A Common Problem and Its Effective Fixes

Yeah Im in mac right now I get this error. when I try to download a file.15 Dec 2016. How to fix decompression failed error in windows? getting unarc.dll returned error -6 when trying to install a game. 16 Mar 2012. Get the error, unarc.dll returned an error code -6 at boot. This is the error messages unarc.dll returned an error code -6 generated by /Applications/MACPORTS/ why did i receive this error message and how do i fix it so i can install the gta V or any. of ca 76-83 errors in spyware programs.. 30 Apr 2016. unarc.dll returned an error code -6.. Her's the errors in.dll Error Codes. Error Codes:01234567891011. to fix unarc.dll returned an error code-14 Again the following error message was received as well: ISDone.dll, an error occurred when unpacking, unarc.dll returned error code -1, ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails). 33e5841960

How to fix unarc.dll returned an error code-14

As the title may suggest, this particular error is returned when a dll file is badly damaged. To begin with, you must download a free tool to check whether or not your dll file is damaged. If the dll file is not corrupted, then we should focus on repairing it. This is the case of the ISDone.dll or Unarc.dll in our case. Both of these are common and are very likely to be damaged. If the error still persists after repairing, then you may have to contact the vendor of the.dll file. At times, you may be requested to send an installation error report.


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