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The following links will allow you to download either a Mac or Windows version of the Harvest Report flipbook. Click a link to begin the download. You can save this to your local hard drive, copy it to a CD or a portable USB drive and then view the Harvest Report without having to have an internet connection.

These English-language files are in Amazon Kindle-compatible .mobi format. To use these files on your Kindle, download the .zip file to your computer, extract the .mobi files, and transfer them to your Kindle by using the USB cable that came with your Kindle. After connecting the USB cable, the Kindle appears as an external drive on your computer. You can then drag or copy the .mobi files onto the Kindle drive. For more information about transferring files, see your Kindle documentation.

For your convenience, many of the map files (shapefiles) that we use in our daily work are offered here for free download. Users are free to utilize this data as they wish with the understanding that Johnston County is not legally responsible for the information represented in these files. The coordinate system of these shapefiles is North Carolina State Plane. The units are feet, and the datum is NAD83.

AUTOCAD USERS: AutoCad will not recognize the GIS shapefiles that are downloadable from this page. However, if you have either Autodesk Land Desktop or AutoCad Map, you can import the files in the following manner:

1)Simply click on the file to download the zip file or 2)Right-click on the filename and select "Save link as..."3) Save the file to your desktop. Make sure you know where the file is being saved so you can retrieve it easily.4) Use WinZip to extract the shapefile. If you do not have WinZip, you can obtain an evaluation copy from here .

To facilitate downloading the data, the data have been compressedinto PC compatible ".zip" format. The same zip file is located in the"zips" folder in "20070809_0758/" on the NSMP ftp server, " _0758"

In order to evaluate the diagnostic and prognostic impertance of serum myoglobin (Mb) determination during acute myocardial infarction (AMI) we determined the time of first rise of both CK and Mb, that is the time in hours between the onset of pain and the last normal myoglobin and enzyme determination (TFR for Mb=2.21.5 h; TFR for CK=4.02.5 h). We also attempted to evaluate infarct size by mathematical analysis of the serum concentrations of Mb. The average percentage difference between the infarct size calculated from the CK concentrations and Mb concentrations was 35.835.2%. The results show that the determination of serum myoglobin is a useful and sensitive test for the early diagnosis of AMI. On the other hand, the serum myoglobin cannot be utilized to evaluate infarct size. The main limitation in the determination of infarct size from the serum Mb concentrations lies in the extreme variability of the disappearance rate (Kd), mainly resulting from the renal elimination of the substance.

Additional data collected under this cruise, experiment, or investigator may be available under their respective data summary pagesor by crafting a customized query using the SeaBASS File Search.For more information on how to search, access, and download data from the SeaBASS archive, see our Getting Started guide. 59ce067264


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