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buy cryptocurrency without exchange

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are usually created using a cryptographic computer networking technology called blockchain, which makes it possible to exchange them without the need for a central authority such as a bank. Cryptocurrencies are traded on public exchanges, but they are generally not subject to the same regulations as stocks and other traditional investment products.

If you're thinking about buying Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, there are a few ways to think about the risks and potential rewards. Bitcoin is a bet both on the cryptocurrency space itself and the specific technology behind Bitcoin. Both are relatively new and untested, and neither is guaranteed to reach the potential some of its proponents anticipate.

When trading Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency one has to go to exchange first. The first step is to do a sign-up and verification process and after that deposit some crypto or fiat. This is quite normal for crypto traders but it also comes with high risk.

In the past, a lot of starting crypto exchanges suffered DDOS attacks or were even hacked and lost funds. A good example is the failure of Mt. Gox in the early days were about 850 000 bitcoins were lost.

This is just one example of the disasters happening in starting crypto exchanges. Also, the idea of Bitcoin is to be a decentralized currency or value of exchange, and to store your crypto on a centralized exchange makes it quite ironic.

As explained above, being an investor in this cryptocurrency space comes with some risks. Also, if you are able to protect yourself, the rewards can be very good, in fact, they can be life-changing if bought at the right time!

In general, to be safe, buying cryptocurrency this way involves two steps. First, you have to get yourself a proper cryptocurrency wallet that holds your private keys. Additionally, there are two options: software wallets and hardware wallets.

As explained above, as a cryptocurrency investor you have several options in buying new cryptocurrency. Additionally, the platforms mentioned below are good examples of ways to buy any crypto without the need of trusting a third-party platform.

Coinmama offers the possibility to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum is possible without going to exchange first. They are a known player in the crypto space and have been there since 2013.

In particular, Swapzone is an instant non-custodial cryptocurrency exсhange aggregator. In addition, they constantly monitor the best exchange rates for thousands of available cryptocurrency pairs supported by exchange providers.

Also, Swapzone gears you up with the latest information on the crypto exchange offers and services. As a result, you can pick the best deal and convert cryptocurrency instantly, with low fees and no registration.

Another option to buy crypto without exchange is Changelly . Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows to exchange crypto fast and buy Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Polkadot(DOT) for USD and EUR. The service mechanism searches for the best crypto-to-crypto rates and supports over 130 cryptocurrencies available for exchanging one to another.

Changelly offers a trusted service to almost 2 Million users worldwide and without revealing user identities. They offer good security service and after you have set up an account on their platform you have to enable 2FA(2 step verification). I think this is a good thing and makes Changelly trustworthy.

Fixed rates are not offered on their platform, this is because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. Instead, rates are tied to the latest transactions and the lowest at that time of date. The commission fee is charged at a rate of 0,5% for crypto-to-crypto swaps.

Besides holding your crypto safe in the wallet, users can also purchase new crypto because of Ledger wallet uses a built-in exchange feature. This feature uses a third party(Coinify) so buying comes at a cost: 4.5% credit card fees or 1.7% for bank transfers.

Another decentralized wallet to hold your cryptocurrency tokens is Trust Wallet. Furthermore, Trust Wallet is available for download on desktop and for mobile devices. Many cryptocurrency users favor this wallet because of its ease of use over several blockchains and the number of cryptocurrency tokens it can hold(1K+).

Trust Wallet is a multi-functional wallet and besides storing crypto or staking, it also has a built-in exchange for cryptocurrency purchases. For example, buying Bitcoin can be done instantly(with a credit card) at an additional cost of 5% for the entire transaction.

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized online cryptocurrency wallet available on desktop and mobile devices that supports more than 500 coins and tokens. The wallet is suited to crypto investors of all experiences and provides a simple, safe, and convenient means to store digital assets.

Besides storing cryptocurrency on the wallet, users can also purchase new crypto because Atomic wallet uses a built-in exchange feature. This feature uses a third party(Changelly) so buying comes at a cost: 2% additional fees at a minimum of $10 each.

Can centralized exchanges be trusted? Do you want to get involved in cryptocurrency without being a trader? These are good questions and in this guide, I have shown you 6 ways to buy Bitcoin without exchange.

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency created using cryptographic techniques that enable people to buy, sell or trade them securely. Unlike fiat currencies, it is not controlled or maintained by any central authority, such as a government or bank."}},"@type": "Question","name": "What is Bitcoin?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Bitcoin is the world's first successful decentralized crypto