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Prolific Usb To Serial Sim Card Reader ~UPD~

This EF contains the Ki (secret A3/A8 key), the IMSI (subscriber identity number) and the ICCID (card serial number).It is a record-oriented file with a record length of 0x4a bytes. There is one record for each of the identities thatthe card supports. They are numbered from 0x01 up to 0x10.

Prolific Usb To Serial Sim Card Reader

This reader follows a so-called Phoenix design, in which a 3.579 MHz crystal is used in combination with two inverters of a 74HC08 to clock the card, while two other inverters and a transistor are used to connect the data line to a RS232 port. The schematics are probably very close to [

Also there are two different kind of $2 transparent blue sim card readers on ebay: One is dark blue and the other is light blue. I ordered both of them, the dark one is working with exactly the same output as in this tutorial. The lighter one did not arrive until now.

I see other problem with this SIM card reader that if we remove and insert then nothing work even will kill openct and pcscd. The only way I found that purge and autoremove all the packages and restart the PC and then follow the instructions again.


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