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Hocus Full Crack [cheat] [VERIFIED]


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=PC Games Cheats code/cheat edit and hint pointers ListStarted by LAM Chi-fung ( maintained by LAM Chi-fungcf...@hk.super.netUpdated 13 April 1995 Beta .05Feel free to distribute this list.Please send all comments, updates, new cheats/crack/edits/maps/add-ons/hintpointers, corrections to:cf...@hk.super.netThanks to all people who contribute to this list.Unless submitter specified, otherwise contributor's name and e-mail addresswill not include due to the size of this list.Now, there is 2 ftp sites carry this list: Volker ( JonI can't guarantee the correctness of information in this list, since Ihaven't test all stuff in it.Each record is divided into several sessions:i)Cheat Codesii)Cheat Editiii)Crackiv)Editor/Trainerv)Patchesvi)Solution/Hint/mapsvii) Add-onFor cheat edit, most probably you need a hex editor e.g. PCTOOLS, NortonDiskedit, there are some game cheat editor in ftp, e.g. UGEPlease specify the version of the game for cheat edit,e.g. Master of Magic 1.3or specify the size/time/date of the edited 47845 04-Sep-91 5:00ayou may need to use UNLZEXE or UNP to 'decompress' the file before editit.UNP 4.10 can be found at: Lordsoth, Thanks you for the site and the X-Wing/OMF etc site. mirrored to *** Always backup the file before edit it*** In most case, a patch will not upgrade a cracked/patched game.Especially the one which modify the EXE.In general, 'cheat codes' is better than cheat edit.Be mind that crack/cheat may only apply to specific version.One useful game patching tools is Game Tools, current version is 3.23, 1way to get it is by finger the author WONG Wing-kin ( the end of this list, there are some pointers to another informationsource, if you can't find info in this list, you may try those places.'*' before game means new or revised since last updateGames cover in this list: 1942 4D Boxing 688 Sub Attack 7-Up A-train Ace over the Pacific AirDuel Al Qadim *Aladdin Alien Breed Alien Carnage Alien Legacy *Alone in the Dark Alone in The Dark III Another World *Aragon Sword Arena *Arkanoid Baby Joe Bad Blood Bard's Tale Bard's Tale II Bard's Tale III Bargon Attack Batman Battle Bugs Battle Chess Battle Isle II Beyond Zork BioBMENACE *BioForge Black Cauldron Black Throne *Blake Stone Blue Force Cannon Folder Chaos Engine Chessmaster 4000 Chronoquest *Civilization Clash of Steel Colonels Bequest Colonization *Comanche Combat II Command Adventure-Starship Command HQ Conquest of Camelot Conquest of the Longbow Corridor 7 *Cougar Force CrackDown Crime Patrol *Crime Wave Cyclemania D-Day Darkseed Dark Forces Dark Legions Dark Queen of Krynn *Dark Seed Dark Sun Dark Sun II Death Gate DejaVu 2 Delta V Derby Stallion Descent Desert Strike *Disc World Disciples of Steel Dizzy World Fantasy DOOM DOOM II Dracula Dracula Unleashed Dragon Lair Dragon Lore Dragon Sphere Dragon Wars DreamWeb Dschump Duck Tales Dungeon Master Ecoquest Elvira Elvira II *Epic Pinball Eye of Beholder I Eye of the Beholder II Eye of Beholder III F-117A *F-15 *F-16 Falcon 3.0 Fantasy Empire FlashBack Flight Commander II Flight Simulator 5.0 Front Page Sport : Baseball '94 Front Page Sports Football Pro Future Wars *Garbiel Knight Geisha God Father Gremlins II Hack Hacker *Hardball III Hardball IV *Harpoon II Heimdall Hell Heretic Hero's Quest/Quest for Glory Hero's Quest II/Quest for Glory II Hero's Quest III/Quest for Glory III Hero Quest IV/Quest of Glory IV Highway Hunter Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy Hocus Pocus Hollywood Hijinks *Horde Hugo Hugo II Incredible Toons Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis *IndyCar Infocom *Innocent until Caught II : Guilty Jack Nicklaus Signature Tour Vol 2 Jammit Basketball Jazz Jackrabbit Jimmy Connors Pro Tenni


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