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Mr Bones 2 Back From The Past: How a White Sangoma Travels to the Future to Save His King

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At the end of July 1938, Paul having gone with the McKeogh and Boyd literary agency, Ruth Boyd suggested a myriad of changes in the manuscript and sent it back to Putnam's for another try. Having just finished a total revision and not finding his alterations effectual, Paul balked at any further changes. Word about his book was getting around New York: early in July Paul had a letter from Donald S. Klopfer of Random House asking to see Three Miles Square; and a month later Mavis McIntosh of the McIntosh & Otis agency told Paul that Jerre Mangione had recommended the novel to them as a work they might wish to represent.

The farm buildings seemed submerged in swift currents of brown water. An eddy whipped his crumpled felt hat from his close-cropped iron-grey hair, but he caught it and jammed it back on his head. His eyes were watering and bloodshot from the stinging dust. He coughed and spat a brown clot on the ground. In an instant the spot was covered with coagulating silt. The wind snapped the house yard gate out of his grasp and swung it back, straining the hinges. With an effort he pulled it shut and latched it. Once in the kitchen, he paused like a sleepwalker awakening; then went to the water pail and gulped down a dipper full of water.


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