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Lightroom 6: How to Use Serial Number Macros for Metadata and Organization

Specifies file naming conventions if writing files to a newfolder. Select elements from the pop-up menus or enter text intothe fields to be combined into the default names for all files.The fields let you change the order and formatting of the componentsof the filename. You must include at least one field that is uniquefor every file (for example, filename, serial number, or serial letter)to prevent files from overwriting each other. Starting Serial Number specifiesthe starting number for any serial number fields. Serial letterfields always start with the letter "A" for the first file.

Lightroom 6 Serial Number Macro

But does not show my LR6 serial number anywhere. This again caused me to wonder whether in fact I had LR6 Creative Cloud instead of a perpetual licence. Another chat with the friendly Adobe online support people. After nearly an hour of chatting I have found that I do indeed have a problem, and it is unclear which LR6 I actually have.

When try to start LR6 after I logout, it will not run unless I sign-in again to Adobe. At this point I have to re-enter my serial numbers to activate this instance on the same computer! If I have no internet connection then LR6 will not start (since I cannot sign in)!

The annoying feature is that it does seem to require a login to the Adobe site. If I logout and then restart Lr it requires me to login again and re-enter the licence serial number. It does not seem to mind if I am connected to the internet or not when I start Lr, but I suspect that sooner or later it will require internet access again to phone home and re-confirm I have a valid licence. I do not know what else it might be phoning home about (is a thread on this point at FredMiranda). I have changed my Adobe account settings so that they do not collect my usage information (the default is to collect info).

The firmware for the EF-X500 is upgraded. The serial numbers of the flashes which requires this firmware update can be checked in the searching form from the link below . Update the firmware for X-T1,X-T2 or X-Pro2 first, then upgrade the firmware for EF-X500. Shoe Mount Flash EF-X500 FirmwareUpdate Ver.1.02


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