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Stephen Shirodkar

Starcraft Ghost Spectres Ebook __EXCLUSIVE__

What terror can haunt a ghost? Nova, an elite stealth operative with exceptional telepathic and telekinetic powers, embarks on a heart-stopping mission that pits her against her own kind and forces her to confront her tragic hidden past.Ghosts epitomize the height of terran evolution and physical conditioning. Born with incredible psionic potential, these individuals are recruited and quarantined for government training from childhood. Like most ghosts, Nova Terra had all memories of her prior life buried when she became a member of this elite group of covert operatives. Unlike most, however, Nova actually wanted to erase her personal history and put all of her painful memories to rest. Now, one of the most powerful ghosts in the Terran Dominion is about to be haunted by her former life when a forgotten friend joins her mission to locate missing members of the ghost program. The shocking secrets they discover will pit Nova against both the shadows of her past and the future of terran psionic warriors: spectres.

starcraft ghost spectres ebook

Terra was telepathically taunted by "Bones". He hid, cloaked, near a fountain, but Terra's terrazine-enhanced senses let her detect him. She splashed water on him to reveal him and killed him with a mental attack. That's when Tosh, Caleb, Jara and Karl arrived, cloaked. They disabled the ghosts' suits. Several of the ghosts were grappled. The ghosts were at a disadvantage at first, and Tosh mentally introduced himself to Terra. She rebuked him and eventually was able to drive the spectres away. As Terra entered the palace, however, Dylanna Okyl ambushed her, spraying her with terrazine and stabbing her.

Terra woke up injured. Tosh asked her to get to Mengsk. However, marines began entering the palace, prompting Tosh to flee. All of Terra's ghosts were either dead or taken by the spectres. After a medic treated Terra's wounds, Kelerchian and Mengsk held a private meeting with her. Mengsk told her that Tosh had faked his death previously.

Back on Gehenna Station, the spectres felt like failures. Some of them were killed, and they'd only brought back a few ghosts with them. They hadn't persuaded Terra to come with them. Lio Travski told Tosh that he was treating Toom like a POW and that he was deviating from the path of the experiment. The General, Bennett, was angry at the failure, and told Tosh he should bring in Terra by force. Tosh did manage to connect with Toom.


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