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Jeff Jackson
Jeff Jackson

Transfer Files with Ease and Security using FileZilla Pro 3.47.1 x64 Multilingual

known issues:

FileZilla Pro 3.47.1 x64 Multilingual


  • the new icons don't work on windows xp and windows vista with the filezilla pro 3.47.1 installer.

  • the new icons don't work on windows server 2008.

  • some rare situations where a file name with a space in it is found in the log file but the file does not exist.

  • we've just released filezilla pro 3.47.1, our second maintenance update of 2013. it contains mainly bugfixes and improvements. general: we've just moved filezilla to a new domain ( the old domain ( is now being used as a redirect page.

  • network: we've fixed multiple problems related to windows 7 and filezilla's ipv6 support. most notably the known bug where changing the ipv6 settings in the windows control panel would cause connections to fail. the only remaining problem is the bug where sometimes the windows firewall prevents filezilla from connecting to a server on a given port. we've filed a bug with the windows team about this issue. windows 8 users may still experience this issue if they haven't disabled the firewall yet.

  • screenshots: we've fixed a bug where some screenshots didn't appear properly. if you took a screenshot earlier and your filezilla window has been closed, you may need to take a screenshot again.

  • windows support support for password protected ftp servers.

  • new menu item to connect to a secure ftp server, provided by libtls.

  • new tool for better windows support: filezilla. filezilla is a cross platform gui ftp client.


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