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The neo-conservatives who now run much of American life have yet to ruin Miller's renown, although they probably want to try. With Kinsey, the demotion of the former pioneer and liberator into a sleazy fixer of evidence and erotic gang-master, a dodgy scientist who allegedly took a soft line on paedophilia, happened long ago. This prosecutor's portrait found its final shape in James H Jones's meticulous and unforgiving 1997 biography, now reissued by WW Norton (11.95). It is Jones's cold-hearted, manipulative magus who lies behind T C Boyle's Kinsey-inspired novel, The Inner Circle.

In a climate of polarised opinion, it makes a sort of sense that the Napoleon of the sexual revolution should attract two fine biographies as sharply split as books about the real Bonaparte. Yet friends and foes alike both tend to frame the Kinsey story as an American family romance. To liberals, he serves as the Good Father: gifted, forceful but lovably eccentric, a pathfinder whose fearless authority opened the road to freedom. But conservatives can see only the Bad Father: a charlatan and selfish deceiver whose mask of command hid self-indulgence and exploitation.

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