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Update 21.02.2021

A rundown of everything that has happened this week:

1. Kata, Nella and Adi have all been castrated and moved into foster homes this week. Adi has been adopted and is now waiting to travel

2. Sanson, Tula and Fenix were very distressed in the shelter, so we moved them into private kennels and into our care - Sansom and Tula have some medical issues that are being attended to

3. We are helping a local family rehome their dog to Germany

4. Samu has been chosen to travel to Germany soon and, along with two other pups in our care, the arrangements are underway

5. We visited Los Barrios and met another new dog under our care - Castana

6. Kenza went for a blood test and unfortunately has leish - treatment has begun

7. Ra has been chosen for adoption and arrangements are underway

8. Mami and Ragnar both travelled to their forever homes - thank you Emy for your brilliant foster work as always

9. we are helping a cat find its forever home in Germany - arrangements for travel are underway and hopefully it is the start of more to come

10. Harlequin has been having skin problems but this week she has started receiving treatment and it seems to be on the mend

11. Fortunately, one of our parvo pups is better and back in foster care

12. 4th week Becks is missing

13. RIP Nano - at least he enjoyed his last years in a warm home and knowing love. Please consider fostering senior dogs, they are so vulnerable and deserve to know love before they die

14. Our fundraiser continues to move slowly.

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