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Update 07.02.21

It has been another busy week for the team.

1. Our website is now up and running and up to date with all the dogs available to adopt:

2. Samu has moved from kennels to a foster and he is sooo happy, take a look:

3. We have launched our next fundraiser to save 14 more dogs from the kill station in Northern Spain. If you can spare even £1, please help us, we are desperate and will not be able to continue saving any dogs if we do not get this money:

4. Work continues for 18 dogs (was previously 14) to travel to Germany next week

5. The trials of 3 dogs have gone very well and adoptions will hopefully be confirmed soon

6. Bruno has been taken from the La Linea shelter to private kennels to boost his chances of adoption and blood tests have been done at the vets to make sure he doesn't have any issues that need treatment.

7. Radar has had a recent blood test and unfortunately it has shown he now has leish. This is sad news but it has been caught quickly and should be very manageable with 1 pill a day.. Please do not disregard a dog for adoption because they have leish, it is not a life sentence. He has been moved to paid foster care but we still need sponsors to pay for his stay. Can you help with any amount? We are £80 short monthly. Please email us

8. Becks is still lost in Finland and we are all devastated. You can listen to the Finnish news report here: