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Update 31.01.21

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Hi all

Welcome to our new website. We are striving to make an interactive and easy to use website where you can:

- find a catalogue of all our dogs available for adoption

- find information on fostering

- make donations through the click of a button

- buy our latest merchandise like t-shirts and calendars

- read about our latest work on our blog

Through the blog, we hope to keep you updated on the work we do as a charity. Things are always busy behind the scenes and we would love to keep you involved and aware of everything that is going on!

Just this week:

- plans have been made for two of our longest residents in kennels, Ragnar and Winnie, to move to their forever homes

- arrangements are being made for 14 dogs to travel to Germany

- Olle (now Kobe) was adopted by his foster home who took him in from kennels when the floods hit, to make space for another dog

- our beautiful boy Kobe has travelled to his forever home. We picked him up from the Los Barrios shelter a few months ago (clip) when he was timid but look at him now, happy and warm in his forever home

- Mami, a gorgeous staffie waiting in the shelter, has been moved to a foster home and a loving home has already been found

- Leo, who was rescued from the kill station in northern Spain, has found a lovely foster home and will now wait for an adoption

- Maika, who has been totally transformed thanks to lots of love and care at the La Linea shelter, was taken to a foster home and has just gone for a trial for her forever home

- Aron has gone for a trial for his forever home

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