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Xena's Journey (1)

Xena was rescued from being put to sleep in a kill station. We are still raising money through our fundraiser for the kennel and vet costs urgently needed to pay for these dogs. We cannot currently save any more dogs due to lack of funds. Please donate to help here:

Xena arrived in our care approximately 3 weeks ago very scared. The poor girl has gone through terrible suffering but she is finally safe. Now she is in training kennels where she will learn to regain trust in people and be happy once more.

She is already improving although she is still a scared little girl. Here she is after 1 week in kennels:

She is already learning to trust more. She is still scared but slowly she will understand that she does not have to fear anyone ever again. Here she is after 2 weeks of getting to know the trainers and seeing we are here to help:

We are committed to saving Xena and helping guide her to happiness and safety. We will keep you updated on her progress.

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