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Radar's journey

Radar is 10 years old and is the dog that has been under our care the longest. It is very sad that Radar has had to live in kennels for over 5 years, with no interest in him. To make matters worse, it was found that Radar had heartworm and underwent treatment for which he needed a foster home to recuperate in. Heartworm treatment is administered via an injection and it is extremely hard-going for the dog. They need a quiet and relaxing environment to recover in, one which Radar did not have while in kennels.

Luckily, a foster home was found just in time for Radar. It is sad that he needed to recover from an awful disease to be able to spend some time inside a home but it has shown what a lovely boy he is in the home. He is sweet and loves to lie on a cosy bed. He will be devastated if he has to go back to kennels.

Please send us an email if you think you can offer Radar a home. Seniors don't deserve to spend their final years without a home and a nice warm bed -

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