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Diary of a foster dog - Olive (1)

Dear diary.

I’m in a new place today. It’s warm and toasty, nothing like I’m used to. I’m very scared, what if these people are mean to me too? I shall stay in the corner of the room and curl up to protect myself.

They keep giving me treats, very yummy treats, I gobble them all up. But I still don’t trust them. I still don’t want to move from my corner.

They’re taking me outside, am I moving again? I do my weewees outside - ahh that feels better - and they give me a rub and say “good girl” when I do it, still don’t know what that means but they keep saying it!

We then go back to that warm place, this looks familiar. Back to my corner I go.

Dear diary,

First full day here. Still not sure if I trust them. They give me lots of yummy food so maybe, just maybe, they’re alright. The cat seems to like them. I really want to go meet the cat - Fabio they call him - but I’m not too sure I’m brave enough yet. I’ll change from my corner into my big fluffy bed, but I’m still not planning on moving from here, exploring is a no no from me today.

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