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Height: 67 cms
Collar: 44 cms

Good with children and good with male and female dogs. 

Jessie is approximately 5 years old and is mostly blind. 

She has been used for breeding and was then left abandoned on the streets.

jessie 2.JPG

Description of character

Jessie is a wonderful dog. She is very friendly and very affectionate. She really loves attention. She copes very well with being blind and gets used to a routine very quickly. She is quite happy to be left alone - she curls up in her bed and sleeps until she hears you come back. She takes her medication and allows you to clean and put cream in her eyes without any fuss. She is the perfect dog ❤️

Ideal Family: Any type of family would be good for her. She loves attention so if it’s from a big family or just one person, she would be happy. I think she would equally be happy as a solo dog or with others. She likes to play with other dogs but I think she prefers human company.

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