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SOS PPP Los Barrios projects

Los Barrios projects: News & Updates

Pound flood and evacuation 

7th March 2021

For the second time this year, the pound has been flooded and evacuated. This time, beautiful Krasti who was due to travel to his forever home, sadly died. 

A fundraiser has been set up and the response has been overwhelming. We have taken 20 dogs into our care and are working with SOS PPP Los Barrios to ensure the money is spent on what is most needed. See below for an interview discussing this in more detail as well as pictures and videos of the disaster.  

Update - 21/03/2021 - the funds have been requested and we are liaising with representatives for the pound who will now decide how they want the money spent. We will post updates here.

Los Barrios projects: Pro Gallery

Pound flood and evacuation

6th January 2021

We were asked to help take 19 dogs into various foster homes and paid kennels after the pound was flooded and evacuated.

Los Barrios projects: News & Updates
Volunteers Cleaning

Pound flood and evacuation

6 December 2016

The pound flooded and a mass evacuation was required. AINF found foster homes and kennel spaces for a number of dogs.

We also setup an emergency fundraising campaign and the response was overwhelming.

We focused our attention on the dogs that were most at risk and living in the worst conditions, in dark dingy kennels with very little natural sunlight, and whom quite frankly were living miserable lives.

There are now 21 newly built kennels, including lovely new floor tiles are much easier to clean so will ensure better hygiene for the dogs and better standard of health overall.

The kennels now have more access to natural sunlight as you can see in the pics, the dogs will be much happier here. (See the last photos to see the kennels prior to the refurbishment project, especially the kennels behind the kennels in darkness!)

A wall has been created outside of these new kennels with fencing all the way around, this to create a play pen area so that these dogs in turns can stretch their legs and get some fresh air and sunlight and leave their kennels for a little bit, this will make all the difference to their mental well being.

Look at the images below. The first 4 are before, and the last 5 are after the renovations made possible by the fundraiser. 

Los Barrios projects: News & Updates
Los Barrios projects: Pro Gallery
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