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Linga stands for truth or god. Shiva represents the constant truth represented in all. The Linga purana states that Linga stands for the all pervading and maintenance truth, the one that is without knoweledge and beyond the senses. Sreekalahasti is a place of learning and knowledge and Shiva is a person of learning and an all-knowing person. Linga is Sree Kala kesava. Kaaki Amman is another name of Linga, in which Ka means the one name and Amma means mother.

The Linga Purana defines Shiva as shiva nama, linga samata, ganapatya, ghata, patteya, vamaka, vatsa, parama brahma, utthama, vardhama, sapta, ashta, sapta, indra, asuri, anuttama, toh, sadanam, apala, thathura. Lord Shiva is declared as bhagavan, chidaran, vyakta Narayana, aadhidaivata Sthanu, Kharaveera, sukraha, tejas, saptahataha

The term bhakta (devotee) is used to identify a devotee who worships Shiva as the principle of all. The Quran talks about ikhasah (personification) and the Linga Purana declares lord Shiva as ikhasia. The ikhasia is the personification or god of Shiva. He is not a material being but is nou asato vaksa parama dhyanaya (without consciousness) and aghnya (without knowledge). He is eternal, eternal, immaculate, anarta and vyasan. The word vyasan occurs many times in the text. He generally means the destroyer of sins. Shiva in the form of linga is represented as sada sthanvsanvathi or the man who is beyond all cosmic transformations. d2c66b5586


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