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How Microsoft Toolkit 2.9 Can Help You Manage and Deploy Your Microsoft Products

Businesses of all sizes find Microsoft products an important part of their business. Microsoft Office 365 and Office 365 ProPlus solutions are high-productivity tools designed specifically for the flexible needs of business and home. Please refer to the individual product documentation for the specific usage details. All Office 365 products include optional support for the Managed Mobility Service that helps connect users to services across the cloud and the Internet using built-in software like secure browsers, apps and the Internet Explorer service. This level of visibility through a secure browser can be a critical component of your security strategy. Office 365 can also provide secure access to files, apps, software and programs as well as control of individual consumer devices.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.9

Microsoft has released several Information Protection and Control (IPC) guidance documents that offer recommendations on how organizations can best protect sensitive data and manage these data across mobile devices, business and home. While the guidance documents provide some general IPC guidance for mobile device management, they do not present a comprehensive mobile device security strategy. Organizations should also be aware of government and industry regulatory requirements for complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and are advised to review any IPC guidance documents in order to ensure compliance.

In Microsoft 365, customers have a choice among the subscription types that align with their needs. There are also options to pay per user, per mailbox or monthly. In many cases, groups of users with similar usage are covered under a single 365 plan.


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