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Kerry On Kutton Malayalam Movie Download Hd Affare Lezione Lungi


Kerry On Kutton: A Comedy Drama About Four Teenage Rebels

Kerry On Kutton is a 2016 Hindi movie directed by Ashok Yadav and starring Satyajeet Dubey, Aradhana Jagota, Aditya Kumar and Shivam Pradhan. The movie revolves around four teenagers who live in a small town named Baliya, also known as the city of rebels. They have their own dreams and aspirations, but they also get involved in criminal activities.

The movie explores the themes of friendship, love, sexuality, family and social pressure in a humorous and realistic way. The movie has been praised for its performances, dialogues, music and cinematography. The movie was released on Amazon Prime Video in 2019 and is available for streaming and download.

If you are looking for a Malayalam dubbed version of Kerry On Kutton, you might be disappointed as there is no official Malayalam version of the movie. However, you can still enjoy the movie with subtitles or by learning some Hindi words. The movie is a fun and entertaining watch that will make you laugh and think.

Kerry On Kutton has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some have praised the movie for its bold and realistic portrayal of the lives of the four protagonists, who are neither heroes nor villains, but flawed and complex human beings. The movie also showcases the culture and dialect of the region where it is set, giving it a distinct flavor and authenticity. The movie has been compared to films like Gangs of Wasseypur and Fukrey for its dark humor and gritty style.

However, some have criticized the movie for its excessive use of profanity, violence and sexual content, which might not appeal to everyone. The movie also suffers from a weak script, uneven pacing and lack of focus. The movie tries to cover too many subplots and themes, but fails to develop them properly. The movie also lacks a clear message or purpose, leaving the viewers confused and unsatisfied.

Kerry On Kutton is a movie that tries to be different and daring, but ends up being messy and mediocre. It might appeal to some viewers who are looking for a raw and realistic comedy drama, but it might also disappoint others who are expecting a more polished and meaningful film.

If you are interested in watching Kerry On Kutton, you can find it on Amazon Prime Video or Tubi TV. You can also buy or rent it on Amazon Video. The movie has a runtime of 2 hours and 5 minutes and is rated 18+ for its mature content. The movie has no subtitles available, so you might need to understand some Hindi to enjoy it fully.

Kerry On Kutton is a movie that might not be for everyone, but it might also surprise you with its humor and realism. It is a movie that shows the struggles and aspirations of four teenagers who live in a small town in India, where they face many challenges and temptations. It is a movie that will make you laugh, cringe and think.

If you have watched Kerry On Kutton, you might be curious about the cast and crew of the movie. The movie is directed by Ashok Yadav, who has also written the screenplay along with Himanshu Onkar Tripathi. The movie features Satyajeet Dubey as Kerry, Aradhana Jagota as Jyoti, Aditya Kumar as Kadambari and Shivam Pradhan as Suraj. The movie also has Deepraj Rana, Reecha Sharma, Yashwant Singh and Prashant Tiwari in supporting roles.

The movie has been produced by Hupubird Films and Trishank Entertainment. The music of the movie has been composed by Rishabh Tiwari, Shivam Chopra and Himanshu Onkar Tripathi. The cinematography of the movie has been done by Sushil Rajpal and the editing by Dilip Deo.

Kerry On Kutton is a movie that has been made with passion and dedication by a talented team of artists. It is a movie that deserves a chance to be watched and appreciated by the viewers who are looking for something different and original. aa16f39245


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