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A panorama (sometimes plural: panoramas), panorama or panorama views are a set of photographs taken from one viewpoint that together show a single aspect or scene from a wider, more complete view. Unlike an ordinary photograph that typically shows one or two areas, a panorama is a single photograph that shows all the parts of a scene to give the viewer a complete, if sometimes distorted, view of what he/she would see if he/she were in or standing near the scene.

Traditionally, a panorama is created using multiple photographs that are combined on paper in some way to make the composite image. Modern technology allows images to be combined synthetically using computer software on a single computer. Products such as Adobe Photoshop enable a user to merge several individual images to create a single panoramic image.

To create a city panorama, a photographer typically uses one or more lenses with different focal lengths to achieve the desired effect. The lenses are set at the distances that are needed to accurately reproduce what a person would see from the places in the picture and the direction in which he/she is looking from the viewpoint point.

Panoramas are typically shot in the landscape format, with the horizontal width of the photo almost always equivalent to the vertical length. Photos are typically taken from an elevated position to eliminate or minimize foreshortening and distortion, and from a viewpoint that fits within the horizon. d2c66b5586


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