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Adoption questionnaire - Gibraltar/Spain

Gibraltar/Spain - adoption application: Text

Please fill in the following:

The following sections are included:
1. Personal information
2. Adoption costs
3. Home check
4. Identification of the Dog's proposed family/carers
5. Criminal convictions/other
6. The new family
7. Previous pets
8. Current pets
9. Purpose of adoption
10. Residence of owners
11. Accommodation
12. Undertakings

2. There is a £270 adoption fee to pay for vet costs. Are you happy to pay this?
3(a). Are you happy for a colleague to do a home check?
Upload photo
Upload photo
Upload photo
Upload photo
Upload photo
Upload photo
Upload photo
Upload photo
Upload photo
Upload photo
Upload photo
6(d). What age range are you looking for?
8(a). Do you currently have any pets?
8(b). If so, are they:
9(a). Will this dog be a:
9(b). Will this dog sleep
10(f). If you are a Spanish resident, do you have a PPP licence ?
11(a). Do you live in rented accommodation?
11(b). If so , does your landlord consent to animals living in the house/apartment?
12(a)(i). The dog you are adopting is a rescue dog, they may not be housetrained and may have resided in boarding kennels before arriving . Please confirm you understand and accept this.
12(a)(ii). Your rescue dog will need time to settle and adapt to their new surroundings and the people in their lives. Please confirm you understand and accept the responsibility?
12(b). We will need very regular updates on the dog. Are you happy to regularly provide us with information and pictures?
12(c). Please confirm that you / a family member/ dog carer will not leave the dog tied alone outside any premises - this will put the dog in danger of being stolen or harmed.
12(d). If you are no longer able to keep this dog, it will HAVE to be returned to us and NOT left in another shelter. Is this ok?

Thanks for submitting!

Gibraltar/Spain - adoption application: Job Application
Gibraltar/Spain - adoption application: Text
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